South San Francisco Pump Station No. 3


Client: Wilsey & Ham
Location: San Francisco

South San Francisco Pump Station No. 3 pumps raw wastewater from an industrial area off East Grand Ave. It is a large, multi-level facility with conventional non-clog wastewater pumps. The City wished to replace the existing pumps with dry pit submersible style pumps and motors, provide 480 volt electrical service, upgrade electrical equipment, add a standby generator, bring the station up to code and repair a retaining wall.

As part of its Basis of Design, Schaaf & Wheeler found that some pump station components did not require replacement, while additional work was needed above and beyond the requested items to comply with current safety codes, particularly NFPA 820 for confined space.

Morgan Hill Trunk Sewer #2

Client: City of Morgan Hill
Location: Morgan Hill, CA

Schaaf & Wheeler designed and engineered Phase One of the Trunk Sewer #2 project along Monterey Road from Tenant Avenue to California Avenue in Morgan Hill. The project provided an existing 21-inch diameter sewer with redundant capacity while allowing for planned growth in the service area.

The project involved nearly 12,000 lineal feet of 30-inch diameter sewer pipe laid along a major thoroughfare (formerly Highway 101) and alternated PVC pipe with HDPE. The alignment crossed Llagas Creek in a 300-foot-long, three-barrel siphon installed with horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The siphon barrels consisted of 12-inch and 14-inch HDPE pipe. Some 50 feet of pipeline was inserted under a railroad using bore and jack. The sewer is buried 22 feet deep in places and ties into existing parallel sewers at four locations. In addition to planning, engineering and design, Schaaf & Wheeler’s responsibilities included the preparation of specifications, traffic control plans, bid support and construction support.

Citywide Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Study

Client: City of San Mateo

Schaaf & Wheeler performed a reliability assessment of 24 City of San Mateo sanitary sewer pump stations. The assessment was in response to a recent State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) Cease and Desist Order. The Order required the City to evaluate the reliability of each station and to develop an upgrade plan for all pump stations and force mains that do not adequately meet the reliability requirements. Schaaf & Wheeler performed pump capacity tests at each station, performed pump station inflow calculations, and visually inspected and evaluated each station on its ability to meet the RWQCB reliability requirements. The reliability requirements included: the capability to handle peak wet weather flow (PWWF), an automatic alarm and communication system, backup or redundant equipment (pumps, controls, and power supply), and the ability to perform bypass pumping. Schaaf & Wheeler prepared a report documenting the methodologies and findings of the assessment, recommending pump station upgrade schedules, and detailing cost estimates.

Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Evaluation

Client: City of Alameda

Schaaf & Wheeler performed a condition and reliability assessment of 34 City of Alameda sanitary sewer pump stations. The reliability assessment was in response to a recent EPA Administrative Order which required the City to develop a pump station renovation plan that ensures each station has adequate capacity for peak wet weather flows, has an automatic alarm system with SCADA communications, and backup or redundant equipment (pumps and power supply). Schaaf & Wheeler developed a set of pump station reliability requirements that was reviewed and accepted by the EPA. Each station was then evaluated based on the requirements and a formal report was prepared. Schaaf & Wheeler also performed a detailed condition assessment that included evaluation of the existing equipment, pump capacity testing, an energy efficiency study, an access safety assessment, and a code (electrical, OSHA, and fire) evaluation. Schaaf & Wheeler developed a capital improvement program to aide the City in planning and funding its pump station rehabilitation program.

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