Hydrology & Hydraulics

Schaaf & Wheeler civil engineers have focused their work on water resources engineering and, particularly, the sciences of hydrology and hydraulics.

Hydrology has as its primary objective the study of the interrelationship between water and its environment.

Hydrologic research is important in the development, management, and control of water resources. Its applications are many and include irrigation-systems development, flood and land-erosion control, waste-water disposal and treatment, pollution abatement, recreational use of water, fish and wildlife preservation, hydropower generation, and the design of hydraulic structures.

Hydraulics deals with practical applications of water in motion, such as the flow of water in pipes, rivers, and channels and its confinement by dams and reservoirs.

A client planning to build a bridge that spans a river needs to know the effect stream flow will have on bridge pilings or conversely, if the insertion of pilings into the stream will require mitigation of impacts such as scour.

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